One Child

One-Child is a piece utilizing augmented reality interactive storytelling about a family that lived through the era of the One-Child Policy in China during the 1980’s. The One-Child Policy was a Chinese government program to limit the number of children to one per family. One-Child reinvestigates the true story of what occurred in a family and how this policy affected family dynamics and the lives of millions of women. The real settings and images depict moments families experienced, and the motion graphics, films, animations, and audio describe the pain and struggles they faced as well. This piece integrates the digital realm with that of the viewer’s environment in real-time. While the audience is using their iPads or smartphones, they can interact with the nonlinear storytelling in their own environment. The augmented reality setting will be designed to create a new environment that contemplates an unconventional method of storytelling in the user’s presence and surroundings. As a result, based on the interface between the real environment and virtual cinema, the audience can experience a new kind of synergy between their own environment and virtual films.